For Drawings and Designs -

  1. The drawings provided are the unpublished work of M/S. SHRI DESIGN DESK Engineers and Architects Jabalpur; this may not be published, misused, tempered and duplicate without the written consent of the consultant.
  2. All drawings are prepared on the basis of client requirements and with his consent.
  3. If the deviation is found in actual construction working drawings and approved/sanctioned drawings, the deviation is done as according to client’s practical requirement and with his consent.
  4. The drawings are proposed for a good workmanship with a competent & strong engineering day-to-day continuous supervision, therefore SHRI DESIGN DESK recommend to client to appoint a competent site engineer to commence the works. The foul of workmanship is not the responsibility of design consultants.
  5. The drawings are not to be considered as a legal document in case of any discrepancy.
  6. Here Shri design desk will be termed as design consultant and owner /developer will be termed as client. The design consultant has prepared conceptual drawings as per requirements given by the client. Conceptual drawing will be finalized with the satisfaction of clients. After finalization of conceptual plans, approval drawings, structural drawings and working drawings will be prepared. If the revisions or changes brought by the client in the conceptual drawings, revision charges will be charged separately. These charges may be up to 50% of total fees.
  7. If any damages, cutting, chipping, trimming and changes done at structural members of the building by anyone without consent of the consultant, then the validity of structural stability assured by the consultant is self-canceled.
  8. If any mistake of missing of data or drafting error is found in drawing that shall be kept in knowledge to the consultant. The revised drawings will be provided in priority.
  9. After completion of the project as built drawings need to be re-sanctioned by the client from the corresponding sanctioning authorities. Re-sanctioning and obtaining completion certificate from the authorities is responsibility of client only.
  10. There may be some changes occur in positioning of openings, sanitary and electrical fixture position drawings as per the need of interior scheme. So the consultant is free to bring these changes in corresponding drawings.

    For Site Visits -

  1. If approval is obtain through design, consultant the site supervision certification given by the consultant at the time of approvals is the documentary fulfillment of the sanctioning process that must be read with the terms and conditions given here with this document, because the decided fees is the function of committed services.
  2. The purpose of site visit is to observe and check the construction works and its relevance with corresponding drawings. Also suggest about needful good quality construction practices.
  3. The visits from consultant’s end at intervals are under term “casual supervision”. Consultant’s visit does not cover term “regular supervision”. The regular day-to-day continues supervision must be carried out by the site-engineer appointed by the client.
  4. Visits other than annexure- A are possible with on-call visit services with prior intimation from the client with separate charges as given in annexure-A.
  5. The verification of shuttering, centering, scaffolding and any other false works needed for construction works, is not the responsibility of the consultant. It is a time taking activity to check such items and could not be covered in casual supervision. So these items must be well insured by the site in-charge appointed by the client or client himself.
  6. If nobody appointed for regular daily supervision, it’s responsibility of client himself.

    Execution of Works and Safety in Construction -

  1. Here client is permitted to execute this building project as he has approval of map from the concerning authority. If client is builder and has colonizer license (as Builder) with approval map from the concerning authority, permitted to execute the building project. So that all the responsibility of the happenings during entire execution works, is of client or project management agency appointed by the client.
  2. Here is clarified that the day-to-day construction progress and management is under control of client or his appointed management agencies, so therefore the consultant is not liable for any fault of construction management.
  3. Here consultant recommend to client to appoint safety manager for workman's safety, and use all safety precautions and means during construction. Here the client as a principal employer appointing design consultant for the said project for engineering and architectural consultancy services. Hence the safety of consultant or his visiting person during site visit is the responsibility of the client.
  4. To appoint working agencies/contractors and get work done from them in stated time is the responsibility of the client.

    Miscellaneous -

  1. The consultant will not attend any contractor’s bill making and checking, measurement verification on site, preparing tender documents, etc.
  2. Preparation of building estimation and costing, bill of materials and quantities, RERA documentation and certification, stage wise completion certificate for finance, extra site visits, walk-through, is not included in fees. It will be payable separately to the consultant.
  3. Consultant is not responsible to make any kind of payment to any agencies, contractor, vendor, supplier and any other appointed consultant by the client.
  4. Only client is responsible for any dispute of land ownership.
  5. Only client is responsible for any dispute of land ownership.
  6. Obtaining necessary survey, soil reports, material testing reports, NOC’s for approval, re-sanctioning maps is part of client.
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